CEO Message

“We proudly serve our customers with
high quality products”
Our company has been dedicating its time and energy to produce and nurture domestically manufactured products believing that, as long as our nation exists, factories will continue to operate and workers will continue to exist. We simply could not allow Korean shipbuilders to solely rely on imported protective gears. 
Since then, we have persistently produced respirators that provide best fit to our customers. With such tireless and consistent efforts, Jeil Safety Co. (currently JEIL Restech) was established. 
Today, after 30 years of dedicated research and development, we currently produce one of the best products to serve our customers’ needs in various industrial sectors.
We are never satisfied with the current situation, and we continue to strive to be an innovator within the industry. We are proud to make high quality products that make our customers satisfied and feel protected. We always put the customers’ “safety” and “stability” as our highest priority by producing high quality products.
Thank you for your continued patronage.
JW Han